April 13

Mrs. Camie
Mrs. Camie’s

Good Morning! I hope your Easter was a nice one! Although not our usual kind of Easter, we still had pretty weather and carried the true meaning of Easter in our hearts. This coming week is Earth week and so far the weather looks pretty nice! So if you can get outside and celebrate Gods beautiful world. Have the kids draw pretty pictures on the sidewalk and drive way  with sidewalk chalk, rake up last winters leaves, and any icky stuff still in the yard.  It might be too early to plant, but have the kids get a spot ready for planting flowers or a garden, let them rake, and hoe the soil. Inside you and the kids can look for the recycle sign on some of your food containers. Visit with them about what is recycling, and re using! Just have fun with your child! They aren’t this little for long! so enjoy them a bunch!




Until next Week: Stay well and Happy! love you all 🙂