This week was all about the letter Kk. Our second to last letter of the alphabet ! We’re almost there guys!!


Tuesday was Kk for kites and kindness . We practicied writing our letter Kk’s ( this is a tough one) and put tails on kites according to the number in the kite. We even did a letter Kk kite craft. This helped with our fine motor and cutting skills . The kids did a really nice job !!

Wednesday was Kk for knight and kings. We spent some of this day preparing for the upcoming king and queens day at ABC where we celebrate moms and dads. Wait until you see what we have in store 🙂.  I also had the kids to a letter Kk cut and paste .

Thursday was Earth day!! I was so sad to miss this day because we do Earth right . The kids made an earth craft and they learned about all the good things they can do to help the earth. They got to sort out pictures and decide which would make the earth happy or sad. In the afternoon, all of those recyclables that were sent in were scattered around the big room. Showing them how sad the earth would be if it was covered in garbage 🙁. Then as a team they worked together and helped pick it all up .

Next we’re onto the letter Qq!! Have a great weekend