We made it to May! What a year it has been!
The weather didn’t quite cooperate for our Earth Day activities but the kids still had fun and learned the importance of recycling!

Mon/Tuesday we painted our hands green for a Mother’s Day craft and we read Pete The Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons.

In our centers we colored our monthly color sheet, practiced cutting yellow play doh, Counted to 10 with a worksheet, made a sunshine craft with our name, and sorted yellow objects.

Wed/Thursday we celebrated Earth Day! We listened to the Lorax, learned how to find items that can be recycled, and why recycling is important. The kids brought in recycling to make our “earth” (big room) look messy, and cleaned it all up to see how Beautiful our Earth should look! It was a big hit! It’s ideal to do this outside, but in a pinch and rainy weather our big room worked great!

I can’t believe we are about to hit May! I am so thankful we have been able to make it this far!
Have a great weekend! We will see you next week!!

Mrs. Kristina