April 6th

Mrs. Camie
Mrs. Camie’s

Good morning, Spring is finally here! the sun shines bright and the birds are chirping! I hope this finds all of you doing good!  We need to stay strong and positive. I’ve been finding these warm days great for taking walks, and noticing just how beautiful Gods world actually is…. Spring and new life!!  I also have been sitting on my deck watching the crazy squirrels jump from tree to tree and figure out how to get to the bird feeder! All the pretty birds have come back, the cardinals, finches etc.. i even saw a blue jay! I hope this special weekend is a blessed one for all of you. I know we can’t be with family! or go to our places of worship. But we can be together healthy in our  own homes making the most of it, having fun, and thanking God for everything we have. So still dye those boiled eggs, cook that ham and have a million egg hunts. Happy Easter everybody! love you all and miss you greatly. 🙂