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May 18th-20th


May 18th-20th Can you believe we are at the end of the year! What a whirlwind of a year but we have made it! We have been reviewing letters numbers and shapes these last couple

May 18th-20th2021-05-24T18:47:18-05:00

May 4th-6th


We’ve started our end of the year review. Every day we will have a different set of letters  to review along with numbers, shapes and colors. Within the last couple weeks I will be evaluating the

May 4th-6th2021-05-09T15:16:02-05:00

April 27th-29th


April 27th - 29th We've reached our last letter of the year "Y"! We will continue reviewing the alphabet this last month of school! Some of our "Y" themes, yellow, yo-yo's and yarn.  We also

April 27th-29th2021-04-30T17:44:39-05:00

April 20-22


April 20th - 22nd Letter K was our focus for the week and we discussed Earth Day and it's importance, being kind, kites and kings.  Our Earth Day outdoor activities will take place next week

April 20-222021-04-30T17:36:14-05:00

April 6th- April 15th


April 6th-April 15th The week of April 6-8 we focused on the letter "Q" and celebrated Easter with a class party. This past week the focus was on the letter "B" we started off the week

April 6th- April 15th2021-04-20T13:31:02-05:00

March 30-April 1


March 30th - April 1st Spring Break came and went very fast, I hope it was a restful relaxing break. We are back at it and here we are in April, where has the time

March 30-April 12021-04-06T11:46:43-05:00

March 9th -Mar 18th


March 9-18 Hello! I hope you are all doing well! The last two weeks we have focused on the letter G. We focused on celebrating Dr. Seuss and all his works for a complete week,

March 9th -Mar 18th2021-03-20T08:25:34-05:00

March 2-4


March 2-4 The start of a new month! Can't believe we are in March already, where has the time gone!  We were able to enjoy the beautiful day this week by taking a walk and searching

March 2-42021-03-05T16:58:20-06:00

February 23-25


February 23-25 Letter “D” was the focus for this week. It was a fun filled week of dinosaur activities along with dental health information.  The children always enjoy this week full of dinosaur fact and fun. We

February 23-252021-03-01T13:42:10-06:00

Feb 16-18


February 16-18 Letter “H” was the focus for this week. Although we had a shortened week we still managed to accomplish quite a bit. The topics of discussion were, house (home), hats and hair.      

Feb 16-182021-02-23T09:55:00-06:00
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