Week of May 18th-20th


Time is ticking! We only have one week left and we will do our best to make it a fun one and get everything wrapped up and finished that we have been working on! This

Week of May 18th-20th2021-05-24T18:45:20-05:00

Week of May 11th – 13th


Another week down and only two more remain! We finished up reviewing the month of December, January, and February this week. We covered the letters Cc, Jj, Ii, Ss, Ww, Xx, Dd, Hh, Ll, and

Week of May 11th – 13th2021-05-20T09:00:30-05:00

Week of May 4th-6th


First off, thank you for the thoughtfulness of the sweets, treats and gifts that were brought in this week for Teacher Appreciation Week, I thank you and it is appreciated greatly!!! This is our last

Week of May 4th-6th2021-05-09T15:20:29-05:00

Week of April 27th – 29th


This week we worked on our last letter of the alphabet, Kk! We have covered all the letters and are ready for our review of all 26 letters next week. We will cover a few

Week of April 27th – 29th2021-04-30T17:39:50-05:00

Week of April 20th-22nd


We had a fun week with the letter Bb! I enjoyed dressing the part for the first 2 days and there aren't many adult clothes with butterflies on them so I wasn't able to sport

Week of April 20th-22nd2021-04-30T17:35:30-05:00

Week of April 13-15th


We had a good week with the letter Yy! This week we had a few stories: Yes Day!, Be You!, Happy Go Ducky, Extra Yarn, and It's Spring Wake Up! We always go over our

Week of April 13-15th2021-04-16T15:18:43-05:00

Week of April 6th-8th


The first full week of April started off well with some nice weather that was much needed! All were excited to get outside a few times this week during big room time and exert some

Week of April 6th-8th2021-04-14T12:21:32-05:00

Week of March 30-31, April 1st


We ended out the month of March and began the month of April with some April Fool's craziness at school! This week we studied the letter Ee and had lots of activities in centers and

Week of March 30-31, April 1st2021-04-03T00:03:02-05:00

Week of March 16th-18th


SPRING BREAK IS HERE! But first we had to work hard through our letter Uu week and we got lots of things completed! Our letter was Uu and our themes were underwater, umbrellas, and Up

Week of March 16th-18th2021-03-20T08:14:25-05:00

Week of March 9th-11th


We continued with the letter Gg this week talking about green and gray! Wednesday the kids got to sample green eggs and ham! Some enjoyed and didn't last long on their plates and others not

Week of March 9th-11th2021-03-16T16:44:12-05:00
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