With Christmas right around the corner, we learned all about the letter Cc this week.

Tuesday was Cc for Candycane kindness. We talked about the meaning behind the candy cane and used that to shape our centers. They made 3 piece candy canes from matching upper and lowercase letters with  both letters in the middle. This is a more difficult center but I’m so proud of how hard they tried and the marches they were able to make! We strung beads on candycane pipe cleaners to help with counting and number recognition and made a candycane art project using their little fingers.

Wednesday was Cloud day. We read a book about how clouds can look like so many different things if we use our imagination. Since it was nice enough outside I took them out to look at the clouds in the sky and see what they saw. Then we came back in and did a creative writing and drawing of what they saw in the sky. We also practiced our letter Cc writing.

Thursday we read the book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and used that as our theme! They counted cookies and matched it to the correct number and had a cookie jar where they matched the picture with the beginning sound. This was also  a bit of a difficult center but once they got the hang of it they did great!

Next week is going to be a little chaotic being the last week before break but I have some really fun things planned! Wednesday afternoon is our Holiday party. Don’t forget to send in a wrapped gift for our gift exchange. If you have a boy they would bring a gift for a boy. If you have a girl then she would bring in a gift for a girl.

The letter focus for the month of December is – C & J

The number focus for the month of December is- 11 & 12

The shape for the month of December  is- Triangle

The color focus for the month of December is – Blue