Hello ! What a wild week we had.  I am so proud of all of you and the kids for doing such an amazing job with our google classroom!! It’s a new experience and I hope it went well on your end.

We only were in school on Tuesday but we made it count. We started learning about the letter Hh. We focused on things that were part of our Home sweet home. Phone numbers and addresses being the main focus. We lined up using our #’s and addresses and I had each kid write out their address and phone number for some extra practice. They got to make houses out of shapes, we practiced our letter Hh writing and made some playdoh letters. We also discussed and learned about Groundhogs day! I hope the kids were asking on Wednesday if the groundhog saw his shadow!!
I hope everyone also got a chance to get out in the snow and enjoy it. I look forward to see you all on Tuesday!


The letter focus for the month of February – H, L, V, and D

The number focus for the month of February- 15 & 16

The shape for the month of February- Heart

The color focus for the month of February- Pink & Purple