Hello Families!

I was super bummed our week got cut short this week, but we wanted to make sure everyone was safe and warm at home on Tuesday!

This week we celebrated the letter H.

So fitting for the month of February we were going to have Heart day on Tuesday. Since we weren’t in school, I did a combination of heart and house activities on Wednesday. We graphed candy hearts , did a cut and paste heart rhyming worksheet, read a book about raining hearts, and matched some upper and lower case letter hearts. For the house theme, we practiced writing our address! It’s still a little rough, but the kids did an awesome job writing that out for the first time ! The house on the front of their address is supposed to look like their houses. Of course we had some that insisted their house was rainbow LOL . On Wednesday we also do specials so the kids got the chance to learn from the other all day teachers as well.

Thursday we had crazy hair and hat day! I was loving all the crazy hair and the cool hats the kids wore.  To go with the hair theme, we used magnets and hair (cut up pipe cleaners) to practice counting objects . I think the most counted was 128! Really impressive!! They got to water color their own crazy hair headband in art today too, I’m sure you saw those at dismissal 😉 The kids also got to bring home their friend “ Harry” that they made out of paper bags. The hair theme is a great way to practice scissor skills . At the end of the day we shared all the things they brought in that started with the letter H . I love when the kids bring in things from home to share with us .


Even though it was a short week we made the most of it . Have a wonderful weekend and can’t wait to see you all next week !