What an exciting week we had learning about the letter Dd.

Tuesday and Wednesday were Dd for Dinosaurs. We had so much fun hatching our very own dinosaurs and watching them grow. Each kid got an egg and a cup of water to see how much their dinosaurs changed over night. Once they grew we used a ruler to help us measure. They also got to use their imaginations and create shape dinos! To help with our letter recognition the kids got to dig for fossil letters in sand and then match them on their paper. For some literacy this week we did a creative writing page. The kids drew their own dinosaurs and gave them names and favorite foods. So cute!!

Thursday for letter Dd we had Dental Day! I sent out some photos of our fun centers this day. They got to write letters in “toothpaste”, roll some dice and write numbers then got to erase with toothbrushes. We had a nice talk about healthy teeth habits. Brushing and flossing and what types of foods are good and bad for your teeth. However I think their favorite for the day was for sure the crocodile game. Each kid took turns rolling a dice and pushing that many teeth down in our crocodiles mouth. After so many, the crocodile “chomps” down on their fingers. They got a real kick out this!!!!


Next week is Dr Seuss week and I cant wait to share the fun things I have planned !

The letter focus for the month of February – H, L, V, and D

The number focus for the month of February- 15 & 16

The shape for the month of February- Heart

The color focus for the month of February- Pink & Purple