This week we learned all about the letter V . Of course we did lots of Valentines things but we also learned about volcanoes and vegetables.

Tuesday was all about Valentines. We used heart to measure some valentines pictures, did some heart shape tracing, and also did some heart addition. The kids blew me away with how well they did with the introduction to addition. I was really impressed. We also got to decorate our bags for our Valentines Party treats.

Wednesday we had our Valentines party!! In the morning we practiced our letter V writing, shot “ Cupid’s arrows” into a bucket, and made our valentines wind socks . We played musical hearts ( it was a mix of musical chairs and hot potato) to practice our letter recognition and everyone was a great sport since we only had one winner left at the end! During the afternoon we made and ate a special valentines snack and exchanged all our Valentines. The kids came home with quite the haul!! I also appreciate all the sweet and thoughtful gifts that came in for me . You all are the best 🙂

Thursday we tried to bring them back to our routine and all of our centers revolved around vegetables. We had to roll dice and add the together and cover that number on an ear of corn! They had to cut out and separate fruits and vegetables, and complete some veggie patterns. In art we painted with veggies ! The kids LOVED it. This is the day we also did the volcano demonstration.

All in all, we had a pretty great week !!