Mrs. Kelli’s Preschool Classroom


This week we spent getting acquainted with each other, learning our school rules, & we talked about circles & ovals!


Books we read:

Pete the Cat-Rockin’ in My School Shoes

Preschool Time

Froggy Goes to School


Classroom Centers:

We used giant geo boards for fine motor practice

We colored a “First Day of School” picture

We doodled on the dry erase board

We used unifix cubes

We painted our hand prints for a keepsake for you

We traced circles & ovals

We did our first monthly coloring page (we color the same page each month to show progression throughout the year)

We played with alphabet blocks

We sorted circles and ovals

We used rubber band boards for fine motor practice



We did circle & oval stamping!


Big Room Time:

We practiced marching, walking in a line, playing “Simon Says” to identify body parts, & had a little free play time to learn to share & get to know our new friends!


Special Notes:


I am so thrilled to be back in the classroom again!  I am so excited to get to know everyone !

For the first few weeks of school, we’ll continually reinforce/introduce rules of the classroom. It takes time for kids this young to understand that school is different from home. They have to share, they have to learn to follow a routine, they’re learning there may be things they are expected to do, which they may not want to do at that time, etc. Basically, they are expected to function in a classroom setting.  All of this can’t be learned in just one day.  This is the social aspect of preschool that they’ll continuously learn throughout the year. This is why we use the stop light system (explained in your policy book) as a learning tool to remind them of correct behavior.

Some kids do come in crying, and this is to be expected, especially in the first month or so. I have had a few parents reach our asking how to handle situations like this. My best advice is to talk about school a lot, drive past the school if you can, ask about things they”re doing, friends they’re making, what they like best, & so forth. If they say they’re missing you, just explain, you’ll be busy doing your thing while they’re at school doing their thing, & when you’re both done-you’ll be right there to pick them up.  Keep it positive!


Remember, if there’s anything to ever want to chat about, I’m always available. The very best way is via call or text: 219-801-2566. Feel free to “friend” me on FB if you wish too! (Kelli Wilkey Potosky)


Until Next Week,


Mrs. Kelli