Our letter of the week was Ss ! We had so many fun days planned for the letter Ss.

Tuesday was Sneezy snowman day! We read the book which the kids loved and had our centers focused around snow flakes, and snowmen. We had a creative writing center where the kids got to tell me the reason their snowman’s melted! The answers were so good and so creative. They also matched up cards with pieces of snowmen on them. They had to match the number with the matching tally marks and the coordinating dots on a ten frame. Of course we practiced our letter Ss writing.

Wednesday was Ss doe sports!! I love seeing all the kids come in rocking their sports gear. I’m a baseball mom so I even participated in the sports day! For a fun center I made the kids two “ice rinks”. They each had a plastic spoon and got to play “hockey” with an ice cube. I thinks it important to let the kids free play so I try to incorporate a center like this every so often. We use some count and clips sports cards and did an sport I spy page. This page was a little hard for them but they did a great job!

Thursday was Super hero day! Perfect for our classroom!! We did a super hero writing page where the class got to tell me what superpower they wish they had. Again, I can’t wait for you guys to see the answers to some of these 🙂. We played a super hero guessing game to help with letter recognition. Our class is pretty competitive so anything I turn into a game, they love! I hid 4 stars under the letters of the alphabet and they had to try and find the stars by telling me what letter they wanted to look under.

All in all we had a great week and I am excited to get back to it on Tuesday! I hope everyone has a great weekend !!


The letter focus for the month of January – W, S, I, and x

The number focus for the month of January- 13 & 14

The shape for the month of January- star

The color focus for the month of January- black and white