January 19-February 4

Mrs. Amanda’s Classroom

We have been busy learning about the letters I, X, and L during the last couple weeks.  We explored these letters with ice, igloos, x-rays, x at the end with box and fox, x marks the spot, love, and lollipops.  We had some exciting adventures like going on a treasure hunt, painting ice cubes and painting snow with water colors!

We will also continue to focus on the numbers 15 and 16 this month.

Literacy Activities:

  • X, I, S, and W sound sort
  • Ice fished for magnetic letters
  • Matched upper and lower case letters
  • Ice Cream cone sound sort
  • Found and covered letters X, Y, W, and Z
  • Made letter “X” x-rays out of play-doh
  • Matched being sounds with letters on a love bug
  • Sequenced ABC’s with love letters
  • Rhymed with the work Lollipop

Math/Science Activities:

  • Put number penguins in order 1-20
  • Used water and eye droppers to melt ice
  • Painted with ice cubes
  • Made snowflakes shapes with q-tips
  • Added with gold coins and colorful gems
  • Sorted colored gems
  • Made an X with pattern blocks
  • Matched x-rays with animals and looked with magnifying glasses to find broken bones
  • Lovebug number sequencing 11-20
  • Lovebug heart number color by number
  • Counted lollipops with a ten frame

Books We Read:

  • Alphabet Mystery X
  • Fox in Socks
  • Not a Box
  • X Marks the Spot
  • My “l” Book
  • I Love You Little Monkey
  • Flip and Flop
  • Dream Big Pig
  • Will You Share Your Ice Cream Cone

Next Week/Reminders:

Next week we will be learning about the letter V with valentines and vegetables. We have our class party on Wednesday February 10.  The children are allowed to bring in Valentines.  We have 13 kids in our class.  Please just have your child sign the “from” part to make it easier to pass out.

We still try to go outside if the weather allows.  Please make sure your child comes with a warm coat, gloves/mittens, and a hat.

I encourage everyone to send in a water bottle.  We do not have a water fountain available because of COVID.

Have a great weekend!

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