Hello! I can’t believe we are already through January! That month went by real quick!

This week we focused on Letter S and X. On Monday and Tuesday we read How to Build a Snowbear, and played in Shaving Cream! The kids loved it!! If you ever need an indoor activity pick up a can of shaving cream and put it on a tray! When my boys were little I did this while I was busy in the kitchen! They loved it! We also got to ride scooters around the big room!

For our centers we made snowmen with our names, arranged sticky string on the letters of our name, put sand on the Letter S, colored the S ABC page, and did snowman math.

The letter X was a little tricky! But we still had fun! We read PaGrapes Shapes- A VeggieTale book on shapes, and we went for a walk around the building with binoculars (attached TP tubes wrapped in black paper) and looked for The letter X- we wrote the letter x on post it’s and placed them throughout the building. This would be a good inforcement at home of letters, numbers, and shapes!

In our centers we colored our X ABC page, put playdoh on the Letter X, matched our shapes on a treasure map, made the letter x with rubber bands, and put magnets on the letter X.
Next week we dive into February with the letter L!

I’ve had a lot questions about our Valentine parties, they will be the same as the rest of the parties this year- sorry no volunteers😢 But We will be passing out Valentines so you can bring those in! I will be sending out donation forms for those that marked they could donate. I really appreciate all the help and support with the parties!
This week we sent home a dry erase sleeve with your child’s name please continue to practice at home! Once they master their first name, feel free to move on to their last name!

I hope you all have a great weekend! I will see you next week!

Mrs. Kristina