This week we learned about the letter Ww.

Tuesday was our welcome back day. I kept things pretty light and used this as more of a review day since it was our first day back from break. We talked about the letter, numbers, shapes and letter sounds we’ve learned already this year! We worked in some fine motor skills and worked on getting back to our routine.

Wednesday was Ww for winter! We learned about winter animals and what it means to hibernate. We traced our W’s ( this is a hard letter for them) and learned about the sound the Ww makes. The kids traced their hands and turned them into polar bears.

Thursday was watermelon day! They drew watermelon shapes and matched watermelon seeds to their upper case counter parts. We drew cards and put that many seeds onto our watermelons. They also cut out some W’s and made a watermelon of their own.

As I stated before we had a bit of a rough week behaviorally but I know we will make up for it this coming week.

The letter focus for the month of January – W, S, I, and x

The number focus for the month of January- 13 & 14

The shape for the month of January- star

The color focus for the month of January- black and white