We took this week off from focusing on specific letters and celebrated Dr Seuss’ birthday!

Tuesday was our Cat in the Hat day. We focused a lot on rhyming this week since that is a Dr Seuss speciality! We also did a cat in the hat directed drawing . You will get a folder of these at the end of the year so you can see their progress 🙂

Wednesday was our day to read “Oh the places you will go”. We did a created writing paper where the the kids got to tell me if they could visit anywhere in the world where would it be. We also did a cute art project that matched our book theme. Wednesday is also specials day and these kids are already starting to learn things to show off during our graduation ceremony.

Thursday was green eggs and ham. In the afternoon the kids got to try green eggs and ham to see if they liked it. We had quite a few that were pretty skeptical of the green eggs but there were some that really enjoyed it!! They also got to do some green eggs and ham math. They had to match a green egg with tally marks on it to a matching  ham. Thursday is our set day also, so of course we had to do a Dr Seuss themed art project. The kids created there own Thing while blowing paint with a straw to make it’s crazy hair. I can’t wait for you to see how they turned out

Next up, letter Uu! See you all Tuesday!





The letter focus for the month of March  – U,G, and E

The number focus for the month of March – 17 & 18

The shape for the month of March- diamond

The color focus for the month of March- Green & Gray