We made it through letter Gg week! We did so many fun things with the letter Gg plus even got outside to enjoy the beautiful weather .


Tuesday was G for growing and gardens . We had uppercase flowers that needed their lower case matches, pipe cleaners with numbers on top and they had to put that amount of beads in it, of course we practiced our letter Gg writing, and got to plant some grass seed! Each kid got a cup of dirt and grass seed. We planted it and we got to see if it changed throughout the week. I can’t wait for them to come back after break and see how well it’s grown!!!

Wednesday was G for gum balls. We did some number sense sorting with gum balls and a gum balls machine. They had to identity all the numbers but we added in some tally marks, tens frames, and finger counting. We also had specials and practiced all of performances for graduation!

Thursday we did focus solely on the letter Gg but more the color green as we celebrated St Patrick’s Day!! Everyone showed up in their green and st party’s day attire, which I love!! We made leprechauns out of paper plates, did some rainbow lacing and some pot of gold counting . We also assembled our greenhouses. They picked out their special seed and took them home to watch them grow. Please have them draw what their seeds look like on day 2-5-9 and return it to school after break ☺️

I hope everyone has a happy and healthy break with gorgeous weather !!

The letter focus for the month of March  – U,G, and E

The number focus for the month of March – 17 & 18

The shape for the month of March- diamond

The color focus for the month of March- Green & Gray