March 27

Hello Parents and ABC Kids!


I hope that this letter finds you safe and healthy!

I miss seeing my little munchkins so very much. It seems like forever since we were together. This is such a confusing time for everyone, and I feel terrible that the routine of school has been interrupted. I miss seeing their little faces, hearing their funny stories, watching them learn, and reading to them.  Oh, how I miss reading to them  It’s my favorite thing to do.

I hope that the ideas we’re posting on our ABC Facebook page have been fun and helpful.  We realize it’s nowhere near the same as being in school, but hopefully it gives everyone an opportunity to break up the monotony and provides some learning opportunities as well.

A few months ago, we sent home quick kits for name writing, along with ideas for fun things to do at home, plus learning apps and websites.  I never imagined then that these would need to be utilized this much, or be so useful!

I would love to see pictures or hear back from you to let me know how everyone is doing.  Feel free to email, text, fb message me anytime!

Please give your kids huge hugs for me and let them know I think of them all the time.  I pray we’ll be able to finish of the year, starting in May.

Until then, be well.  My thoughts are with you each and every day!


 Pleas keep in touch!




Mrs. Kelli



Mobile: 219-801-2566

FB: Kelli Potosky