Hello! Welcome back! I hope you had a restful Spring Break and it was easy getting back into the groove of things! This week was all about diamonds and octagons!

On Mon/Tuesday we focused on Diamonds! We read the book 10 tiny seeds as we are still watching our grass grow from before Spring Break. Not quite long enough to cut yet! We colored a special project for our Grandparents.

In our centers we colored our monthly whale page, made diamonds out of rubber bands, did diamond math- put beads on the end of a diamond shaped kite, made diamonds out of toothpicks, colored a path of only choosing diamonds.

On Wed/Thursday we focused on Octagons. This is the most confused shape she we put a lot of focus here! We practiced writing our name and we read Pete the Cat and his Egg Hunt.

In our centers we traced octagons, shaped monkey string on an octagon, practiced cutting an octagon, using dice and little disc practiced our counting and fine motor skills, and matching magnets to numbered octagons on the white board.

Since Thursday was April Fools Day we played a little trick on the kids and the teachers switched places. So Thursday Mrs. Luz was in our class. I checked in to say Hello and wish the kids a Happy Easter and they all looked to be enjoying the day! I hope they were surprised and tell you all about the day!!

Monday/Tuesday we celebrate Easter in our classrooms! I’m excited to share the Story of Easter with the kids!
I hope you all have a wonderful Easter with your families, and remain thankful for the blessings that come each year as we celebrate The Resurrection.

Much Love,

Mrs. Kristina