letter Ee week! This week I was out of town but Mrs. Laura taught the class all about the letter Ee.

Tuesday was E for elephants. They have little elephants with numbers on them and had to make their trunks that long using links. It’s great for practicing one to one counting . They practiced their letter Ee writing and cutting.

Wednesday was all about emotions and emojis. The class for to play “war” with emoji uno cards. Whoever got the higher number for to keep the cards. They got to fill in ten frames with emoji erasers and listened to a couple books helping to explain emotions . Then they were off to specials!

Thursday was a fun day. They had a Humpty Dumpty  day. This was one of our monthly nursery rhymes and of course E for Egg. They cut out an egg and had to use bandaids to put it back together and had an awesome time doing some egg-speriments with mrs Laura!! They had an egg in a baggie filled with 6 different materials, including paper clips, cotton balls, tin foil, rocks etc… they got to make predictions about which eggs thEy thought would break. Then Mrs. Laura dropped the bags on the ground and they watched to see if their predictions were correct!


The letter focus for the month of March  – U,G, and E

The number focus for the month of March – 17 & 18

The shape for the month of March- diamond

The color focus for the month of March- Green & Gray