March 30- April 3

Mrs. Amanda’s Class

Hi everyone!  I hope you all are enjoying this great weather we are having.  If you are outside have your child practice writing the letter B b and their name with chalk.  If you can, please share a picture of their work with me  I would love to see their smiling faces and their writing.  I miss everyone so much!

Letters this Month

Bb Bubba Bear

Kk Kayo Kangaroo

Qq Queeny Quail

Letters To Review

Ee Ellie elephant

Gg Gordo Gorilla

Uu Umber Umbrella Bird

Hh Honey Horse

Vv Vincent Vampire Bat

Ll Lizzy Lizard

Dd Deedee Dear

Site Words






Some ideas to practice both letters and site words

  • Have your child name things that begin with the letter B and then go on a “bear hunt” around your house for objects that start with the letter B
  • Make the letter B out of buttons
  • Look through magazines and cut out the letter B
  • Cut out letters from a magazine and to spell out each site word


Blow bubbles outside.  Name the bubbles as being big ones or little ones and try to compare the bubbles you make.

Here is a link to a fun bubble art activity.

Make sure you are checking the ABC Christian facebook page.  There has been a lot of activities to do at home to keep your kids busy and learning at the same time.  There also has been surprise videos from teachers reading books!  If you have any questions please fill free to email me.  Please give each of your children hugs from me and let them know that I miss them very much and can not wait to see them soon!

Mrs. Amanda