Welcome to Dr. Seuss week!! We read several books and made many crafts! And some even ate Green Eggs and Ham!

Mon/Tuesday we started by reading The Cat in The Hat. Every class did a different craft so we could have a Dr. Seuss wall of different crafts!

In centers we colored our March Nursery Rhyme- Humpty Dumpty and practiced rhyming words, we played with Kinetic sand, wrote our name on a Seuss Hat, put stickers on top of animal heads 1-10, made a Seuss Hat by stacking cups and white squares.

Wed and Thursday we read Green Eggs and Ham, had a small demonstration of how we made them, and had the chance to taste green eggs and ham!

In our centers we did a green eggs marble roll craft, colored our ABC G page, counted Dr. Seuss Fish, Matched Dr. Seuss pictures, and sorted colors.

It was so fun and the kids really enjoyed the Dr. Seuss books we read!
Next we will learn about the Letter U and the numbers 7 & 8!  Have a great weekend!!

Mrs. Kristina