Happy New Year!

We had a great December together, here’s a snap shot…

We focused on the letters ‘C’ and ‘J’ and had so many fun themes to go along with those letters. Candy canes, clouds, circus, jingle bells, jumping, Jesus, and jelly beans!

In centers we did some graphing with Christmas figures, we made candy canes, and we balanced circus animals on Popsicle sticks (our balance beams). We also made jumping ‘J’s’, used magnet wands on jingle bells, and counted and sorted jelly beans.

As you saw, we spent time diligently making Christmas gifts for you guys too. They all turned out so great and the kids loved making them!

To wrap up our time together before Christmas, we went on a scavenger hunt, played games in the big room for our party, and decorated and ate sugar cookies.

I hope everyone enjoyed time together over the holidays and look forward to being back in the classroom!

Take Care,


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