It was an unexpected short week but we made the most of the time we had!
This week was all about the letter Tt . Tt for Turkeys, transportation, and triangles.
Tuesday was turkey Tuesday! We counted feathers on turkeys, made our own handprint turkeys ( these will be sent home when we return 😢) and used some turkey beginning sound clips cards .
Wednesdays are shorter in our own classroom because we have specials. So I’m the morning we had some transportation number puzzles, our letter Tt cut and paste and letter writing practice.
I teach sign language as my special and the kids have been doing amazing with their signing!! Feel free to ask them what they remember . Some of their favorites are please, thank you, mom, dad, yes and no!! We are also learning a special song we will perform at graduation at the end of the year.
Thursday was supposed to the thankful Thursday so we will incorporate that into our lesson plans for when we return after thanksgiving break.

I hope you all have an amazing thanksgiving and enjoy the time spent together !