Mrs. Amanda’s Classroom

During the months of November and December we were busy learning about the letters Z,N, T, C and J.  We learned about these letters with zebras, zippers, noodles, necklaces, turkeys, triangles, thankfulness, candy canes, clouds, circus, and the birth of Jesus.  Using scissors and writing our first names have been an every day class time experience.  We are starting to write, spell, and recognizing our last names.  We were also very busy making the ornament gifts to bring home for you to enjoy!

I hope you all have enjoyed your holidays with your families! I am looking forward seeing everyone back in the new year 2021!

Literacy Activities:

  • Matching upper and lower case letters
  • Putting letters in alphabet order
  • Letter sound puzzles
  • Beginning animal letter sounds
  • Sorting letters
  • Making letter prints in play-doh
  • Sorting upper and lower case letters

Math Activities:

  • Making “10 frames”
  • Counting craft sticks
  • Counting scoops
  • Rolling dice and counting the number
  • Making patterns with beads
  • Coloring by numbers
  • Making shapes out of objects
  • Identifying/counting numbers with play-doh mats

Books We Read:

  • The Napping House
  • My ‘n’ Book
  • Put Me In a Zoo
  • Zoogie Boogie Fever
  • Mt ‘t’ Book
  • Turkey Trouble
  • Red Truck
  • Bear Says Thanks
  • Katie The Candy Cane Fairy
  • Little Cloud
  • If I Ran a Circus
  • The Christmas Story
  • The Polar Express

Next Week/Reminders:

During the month of January we will be learning about the letters W, X, S, and I

Since we missed our class party in December we will be doing our class party on Thursday January 7, 2021!  Please bring your wrapped gift for the gift exchange.

We still try to go outside if the weather allows.  Please make sure your child comes with a warm coat, gloves/mittens, and a hat.

I encourage everyone to send in a water bottle.  We do not have a water fountain available because of COVID.

I miss everyone! Happy New Year!!!!