Hi Parents,

It was a short week but still fun learning about the letter ‘Rr.’ Here’s a snap shot…

On Tuesday in centers the kids sorted skittles onto a rainbow and then counted and clipped with a clothes pin how many there were of each color, they made rainbow clouds and wrote their names on them, and they made patterns with rainbow Popsicle sticks. In the afternoon they colored a rainbow, matched a rainbow letter to a picture of its beginning sound, and they glued cotton balls onto their rainbow cloud. For science we did an experiment with skittles. We lined them up in a circle around a white plate and then poured warm water on them. We watched the colors run together and form a rainbow. The kids loved it!

On Wednesday in centers the kids measured robots with uni-fix cubes, traced, cut, and colored rectangles, and put together robot rhyming word puzzles. In the afternoon they had specials so they went to each classroom to learn sign language, Spanish, zoo phonics, and math. We also made robots! The kids cut and glued the pieces and then colored them. They turned out great and are hanging in our classroom.

I had a great time seeing everyone at the field trip on Thursday! I hope everyone picked out great pumpkins and had a blast doing the activities.

Next week we will talk about the letter ‘Pp.’ Wednesday is our harvest party, looking forward to seeing those of you that can come!

Take Care,