October 27-29

Mrs. Amanda’s Classroom

This week we learned about the letter R with rainbows and robots.

We had a blast celebrating at our harvest party!!!  The kids had so much fun going trunk or treating, throwing cotton balls on a sticky spider web, shooting pompom balls into pumpkin buckets and making a spider for our snack.  Thank you all who donated items and helped out for our party, without you, we would not have had the fun we had!

Centers This Week:

  • Built rainbows with colored beads
  • Had an upper case and lower case letter R race by rolling a cube
  • Graphed with colored goldfish
  • Made the letter R out of play-doh
  • Halloween writing bingo
  • Used scissors to cut spaghetti noodles
  • Rolled a dice and stacked spider rings
  • Matched upper and lower case letters on a spider web
  • Created robots using play-doh, google eyes, pipe cleaners, and craft sticks
  • Practiced writing the letter Rr
  • Used number spinners to fill cups with pom pom balls
  • Robot rhyming puzzles
  • Painted with marbles to make spider webs

Books We Read:

  • Five Colorful Crayons
  • How the Crayons Saved the Rainbow
  • My “r” Book
  • Little Boo
  • Inside a House That is Haunted
  • Pumpkin Magic

Next Week:

We will learn about the letter N with noodles, numbers and names.


We do not have school this Tuesday November 3, enjoy your day off!

Please remember to bring in a water bottle.  We do go outside and we do not have a drinking fountain that the children can use.

Please send your child to school with a hat, gloves, and a warm jacket now that it is starting to get cold out.  We still try to take the kids out for recess if the weather allows.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Amanda

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