Letter O week-

Tuesday we celebrated the letter O while learning about opposites. Opposites are a difficult concept for this age to understand but these kiddos picked it up so quick! We used flash cards and an opposite worksheet to really get a good understanding of opposites. We also practiced our letter O writing .

Tuesday was also picture day and they were so cute in all their outfits 😍

Wednesday was O for obstacle course! We had more letter O centers in the morning and then we built them an obstacle for go through in the afternoon! They loved it.
We also started Specials on Wednesday. Every Wednesday we will take turns with each of the all day classes teaching them some extra topics like, math/science, Spanish, sign language, and phonics!

Thursday was Owl and Octagons. We made an owl out of the letter O, used owls to help us match upper and lower case letters, traced colored and cut out some octagons, and used some owl counting cards to help with  number recognition .

I am noticing some great progress and I am so proud of them!

The letter focus for the month of October is – O, F, R, and P

The number focus for the month of October is- 4,5,6, and 7

The shape for the month of October is- Square

The color focus for the month of October is – Orange