Week two done! Letter Aa week !

We are still getting into the swing of how our day goes but we are giving a lot of grace and the kids are doing great !! I noticed things on Thursday went pretty smooth so we are getting there, and I am so proud of the class.


Tuesday we were ABC astronauts!!! We counted “moon rocks” and put them in ten frames, made an astronaut craft and had our own outer space sensory bin.
Wednesday was ants in our pants day! I have a laminated copy of a pair of pants with numbers on them. So they drew a card and had to add that many ants to the pants. They really enjoyed that center 😂. We matched upper and lower case ant letters too.
Thursday we met Ally the Alligator in one of our books. So we made an alligator craft, fed Ally the alligator capitol letters, worked on some fine motor with rubber bands and geo boards, and colored our monthly coloring page. These coloring pages will come home at the end of the year in their binders. It’s amazing to see the progress throughout the year!



The letter focus for the month of September is – A & M

The number focus for the month of September is- 0, 1, 2, and 3

The shape for the month of September is- Circle and Oval

The color focus for the month of September is – Red