Mrs. Amanda’s Classroom

This week we had fun learning about the letter A with apples.  We had a great time tasting apples and then graphed what was the most favorite.  Our class had a tie of red and yellow! Many of the kids thought the green apples tasted sour.  We also learned how to make tallies to show a number group.  We did some experimenting with stacking apples on top of each other with play-doh and plastic apples after we read the book 10 Apples Up On Top.

Centers This Week:

  • Practiced writing the letter A
  • Made balls from play-doh to make a number worms
  • Used strings as worms to go in and out of holes in paper apple
  • Traced lines going from an apple to an apple pie
  • Made the letter A out of play-doh
  • Made patterns with red, yellow and green apples
  • Matched upper case letter apples to lower case ones in a tree
  • Tasted red, yellow and green apples and talked about how things may be the same or different

Books We Read:

  • The Apple Pie Tree
  • 10 Apples Up on Top
  • My “A” Book

Next Week:

We will review the A and M with muffins, moon, and ants

We will be eating muffins on Tuesday September 29


Please remember to bring in a water bottle.  We do go outside and we do not have a drinking fountain that the children can use.