Spring Break

I hope you are all healthy and staying safe!! I miss you all so much and can’t wait to see you again!

My family and I are safe and healthy and are trying to make the best of the extra time we have together!

Just wanted to give you some ideas on how to fill your days!

– Paint together- on paper, or even use water colors on the windows for neighbors to see!

– Using chalk on the sidewalks leave messages for the neighbors to read as they walk.

– Take a walk and search for colors, things that start with a certain letter, count how many cars, trees, animals etc. you see.

– Stickers! Write your child’s name on paper and use stickers to go over letters.

– String beads and make bracelets to mail to loved ones- I’m sure they would love mail!!

– Read together!! Sometimes a simple book can make you laugh enough that you forget what’s going on around you!

– Rainbow write- trace letters/numbers with different color markers or crayons.

I am praying for each of you and that you are healthy and safe and that we can see each other soon! If I can help with anything Please don’t hesitate to reach out!
My email is mekocamp@yahoo.com

My cell is 219-669-3307


Mrs. Kristina