We just finished our third week of school. The kids are doing great! They are learning how to get through a long day and how the schedule goes. I am really loving getting to know each and every one of them and learning their personalities.

All week we did activities with apples and the color red.

On Tuesday, we read the book 10 Apples Up On Top. During centers, we played a 10 Apples Up On Top dice game, practiced cutting with an apple themed cutting page, did a letter Aa letter find, traced the letter Aa and put playdoh on an apple themed ten framed mat. 

On Wednesday, we read the book The Biggest Apple Ever.  During centers, we put the number of unifix cubes on apple tower mats, practiced cutting out an apple shape, practiced tracing/writing our names on quick kits and worked on our upper and lower case matching with apple ABC clip cards. Today we tasted red, green and yellow apples and rated whether we liked them or not. 

On Thursday, we wore red to school.  We read the books Red, Apple Trouble and Apple Countdown. During centers, we counted with apple erasers in muffin tins with the corresponding number, practiced upper and lowercase ABC matching, and made patterns with linking chains. For art, we painted by stamping with apples.

We also started our Original Works project. Those will be coming home at the end of October, so you can order for gifts.


These are some things that you can be doing at home to help your child :

Cutting on a straight line with safety scissors concentrating thumb on top

Tracing/writing their names

Playing with Playdoh to strengthen hand muscles

Simply coloring a picture by staying in the lines and using different colors

Working on ABC upper and lowercase flash cards

If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Until next week,

Mrs. Brandi