This week we focused on the letter Qq. We talked about the sound the letter Qq makes and words that start with the letter Qq. We came up with queen, quilt, quarter, quiet and quick.

On Tuesday, we had Queen Day. For start-up, we colored a Qq is for queen coloring page. We read the book My Qq Book. For morning centers, we rolled dice and put what we rolled on a ten frame with rhinestones, did a queen cut and paste page, decorated our crowns for King and Queen Day, and I asked the kids questions about their mom. For afternoon centers, we finished decorating our crowns, patterned with unifix cubes, clipped clothespins on number wheels, and made our ABCs out of playdoh. Also in the afternoon, we worked on a surprise!!!!

On Wednesday, we focused on quarters. For start-up, we practiced tracing/writing our names and addresses. We read the book Quintin Needs Quiet.  For morning centers, we patterned with coins, did our Qq say /q/ cut and paste page, practiced tracing/writing the letter Qq, and used crayons and rubbed quarters. In the afternoon, we had specials with all four all-day teachers. For my special, we graphed with jellybeans. I also started to evaluate the kids for their end of the year evaluation.

On Thursday, we focused on quilts. For start-up, we trace the letter Qq on a Qq is for quilt page. We read the book Quacky, Quack, Quack! For art, we painted with Q-tips on the letter Q. For afternoon centers, we made a Q and a quilt out of fruit loops, made our ABCs with snap cubes, did a cut and paste rhyming quilt page, and wove strips of paper to make our own quilts. I also evaluated some more today.

Until next week, 

Mrs. Brandi