Hi Parents,

We had a great week with the letter ‘Yy!’ Here is a snapshot…

On Tuesday our theme was yarn art. In centers the kids wrapped cardboard flowers with yarn and made leaves out of construction paper, they cut out the letter Y and hole punched it, and they worked on ‘spot it’ mats in math. The ‘spot it’ mats have a number at the top and the kids have to find all of the ways that number is represented and cover them with an eraser. i.e. tally marks, dice, fingers on a hand, etc. In the afternoon the kids laced the y’s they cut out and punched in centers, they drew on light boards, and they finished their yarn flowers by gluing on the leaves and cutting/gluing on the center of the flower. We ended the day by working on a coloring sheet. The kids had to find the letters in their first and last names and color them in.

On Wednesday we were a sea of yellow! In centers the kids cut and glued the word ‘yellow’ above a flower that was only half drawn. They had to draw the rest of the flower and color it yellow. The kids also played a beginning sounds game and rolled and counted colorful rubber bands on to sticks. In the afternoon the kids rotated through specials where they learned sign language, math, spanish and phonics. We ended the day by writing our names and drawing a picture of a flower.

On Thursday was our Easter party. Thank you to those of you that donated to the party and those of you that helped. The kids had a blast! They had a chance to color a snap bracelet, play with balloons and play an egg tossing game, and they had a delicious snack of pretzel sticks and jelly beans. In the afternoon we did some fun centers. The kids made egg sun catchers, they completed a color by letter page, and counted Easter erasers into an egg carton that had numbers written on the bottom of each little slot. We ended the day by doing some ‘eggs-ercises.’ The kids opened a plastic egg and had to do the exercise or stretch that was pictured inside. It was a really fun and exhausting day! 🙂

See you all next week as we talk about the letter ‘Kk’ and celebrate Earth Day.

Take Care,