Hello! I feel like these weeks are going faster and faster! We are almost into May!

This week we focused on the letters K and Y!

Monday/Tuesday we flew kites made of grocery bags and yarn and read the book Kite Day! It was a little chilly out but we made the best of it and got to run around some!

In our centers we Colored our K ABC page, made a K crown, find the Letter K quick kit, made key rubbings, strung beads on pipe cleaners kites.

Wednesday/Thursday we focused on the Letter Y.  We made a Yo Yo craft. We introduced our caterpillars that we will keep track of as they grow and eventually turn into butterflies. We read The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

In our centers we colored our Y ABC page, form yarn to make Y, cut our grass, painted hands on yellow paper, and matched clothespins to number animals. At the end of the day we sent the grass cup home so the kids could continue to water it at home for the grass to grow back.

All the kids were excited about the caterpillars, they are going to love watching them grow!

Next week we will focus on Q- Dont forget to bring in your quilt squares!! Wednesday and Thursday we will celebrate Earth Day. please bring in a bag of recyclables!

Have a great weekend!!!

Mrs. Kristina