Mrs. Amanda’s Classroom

This week we had fun learning about the letter B with acting like we were at boot camp, discovering with bugs and butterflies, and reading the book Brown Bear Brown Bear.  As a class we discovered that there are many things that start with the letter B this week.  Ask your child if they can name a few letter B words for you!

Our grass finally grew so much that it needed a hair cut.  So Thursday we brought out our scissors and gave it a little hair cut.  Hopefully the grass continues to grow at home!  We also had our caterpillars arrive this week.  We will do a lot of observations these next couple weeks to see the life cycle of a butterfly.

We will also focus on the numbers 19 and 20 this month.

Literacy Activities:

  • Completed the alphabet missions in the alphabet boot camp book
  • Swatted letter flies with a fly swatter to match beginning sounds of objects
  • Retold the Brown Bear Brown Bear book with flannel pieces
  • Popped balloons that were either a “b” or a “d”

Math/Science Activities:

  • Built number towers with cubes
  • Added with butterflies
  • Used a spinner to graph the color animals from Brown Bear Brown Bear
  • Searched for bugs in rice and looked at them with a magnifying glass

Fine Motor and Art Activities:

  • Cut out pieces to make our own camouflage
  • Wrote the letter Bb
  • Wrote color words
  • Made the letter Bb with beads and tweezers

Books We Read:

  • The Amazing Life Cycles of Butterflies
  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar
  • Franklin’s Birthday Party
  • I Love Bugs
  • Brown Bear Brown Bear, What Do You See

Next Week/Reminders:

Next week we will be learning about the K.

We still try to go outside if the weather allows.  Please make sure to send your child with a jacket, the weather does change throughout the day.

I encourage everyone to send in a water bottle.  We do not have a water fountain available because of COVID.

Have a great weekend!