We had a good week with the letter Yy!

This week we had a few stories: Yes Day!, Be You!, Happy Go Ducky, Extra Yarn, and It’s Spring Wake Up! We always go over our nursery rhymes in the beginning of class and if time allows we go over them again at the end of the day. This month they are Rain Rain Go Away and There Was An Old Woman. The kids are starting to remember these and are getting better at repeating, ask your child if they can recite them to you!

Our centers for the week included: practicing our names/address/phone numbers in quick kits, tapping out our phone numbers on plates taped up on the back of the door (the kids like this one and can easily be done at home on a door or fridge, just use painters tape to hold them up!), used our mega tweezers to grab pom poms and put the correct number into muffin tins, practiced writing the number 19 and locating it in a scramble, completed a Yy coloring page with items beginning with Yy, cut out our shape of the month which is an octagon, rainbow wrote our names, practiced writing Yy, and completed a color yellow web with different items that are yellow.

We also decorated the tops of our graduation hats that the kids will be wearing very soon!

Each day we continue to work on spelling our names aloud with me holding a sign so they see it. Some are doing well and can do it without looking, others are coming along and will be there by the end of the year! You can continue this at home by writing their names (first and last) on a piece of paper and just have them spell it aloud to you before meals and/or before bed. The more practice the more it will be permanent in their brains!

We will continue to work on our letter recognition, letter sounds and mastering our numbers 0-20 for year end. FLASHCARDS are great tools for this and will be a great tool to have to review and continue with over the summer months!

Next week we will continue with our second to last letter, Bb.

TUESDAY-wear your favorite BASEBALL team gear!

WEDNESDAY- wear your favorite BASKETBALL team gear!

THURSDAY- we have Earth Day activities planned and also Butterfly items!

Have a great weekend and if there are any questions or concerns, please reach out to me MrsAimeeABC@gmail.com