Week of April 13th-15th

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Numbers and Letters:

19, and 20

B, K, Q, and Y

Colors this Week:


Shape of the Week:



Tues: Yo-Yo Fun!

Today we had fun learning how to use a yo-yo! We learned how to walk the dog and how to swing te yo-yo! The kids favorite is walking the dog. Then using q-tips we q-tip painted numbers 19 and 20, cut-paste letter Qq, traced the letter Qq, and did our monthly writing sheet. Finally we finished our day by coloring our graduations hats!

Wed: Yarn names!

Today we had fun with yellow yarn! We made our names out of yarn! We first put glue on the letters of our names and then cut yarn to make the shape of our letters in our names! We had so much fun! Finally we made letter Yy crowns and took our pictures!

Thurs: Wear the color yellow today!

Today we had fun! We wrapped our yarn names in foil and painted our yarn names! This was so much fun! Then we practiced cutting by cutting our grass, the grass was so long! We then practiced our letter sounds, cut-paste letter Yy, teen number bead lacing on pipe cleaners, and made abc trains!


And Here’s  to You!

Incredible You!

Yes Day!


Almost like Angels                 Psalm 8:5

A Big House                              John 14:3

Think about Good Things      Philippians 4:8

Everyone had a fantastic week! I can’t wait to see everyone on Tues!

Reminder: We are learning about letter B next week!

Homework: look for things that start with letter Yy.


Mrs. Nichole

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