Week of April 18th-21st

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Numbers and Letters:

B, Y, K, Q,

19 and 20

Colors this Week:


Shape of the Week:


Mon: kicking Kangaroos

  • Today we had so much fun making kangaroo pouches!
  • We colored our Joey’s and our paper plates!
  • Then we cut the plates in half and Mrs. Nichole stapled them together.
  • Finally we hopped around the school pretending we were Kangaroos.

Our  caterpillars arrived!!

Tues: Kings for the day
  • Today everyone pretended that we were Kings for the day!! We made crowns out of paper plates and everyone decorated on their own! They looked so cute!
  • Then we colored a picture for our King!
  • We then talked about our Dad’s (Kings) 
  • Finally we practiced writing capital letter K, did a math peg game, and a magnetic letter abc’s.

Wed: Earth Day Celebration! 🌎 

  • Today we celebrated Earth Day!
  • We watched a Garbage video about all the parts of the truck and what the truck does after it picks up garbage.
  • Then Mrs. Trish talked to us about what things we recycle ♻️ 
  • Finally we went outside and kicked our recycles in the yarn to the bags so we can recycle and keep our Earth clean! (PM class did this activity in our big room because of rain.)

Thurs:  Flying Kites

  • Today we had so much fun flying kites using plastic bags and yarn!
  • Then we finished our Earth Day activities by making an Earth out of a coffee filter and gluing it on a paper that we decorated.
  • We then did a Earth Day math activity that we rolled the die, counted, then placed an emoji on the correct number.
  • Finally we practiced coloring the letter K, writing our letter k’s, and did a color-cut-paste letter K.


  • A pocket full if kisses
  • My letter “K”Book.
  • Does a Kangaroo have a mother too?


Mrs. Nichole

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