We had a fun week with the letter Bb! I enjoyed dressing the part for the first 2 days and there aren’t many adult clothes with butterflies on them so I wasn’t able to sport any butterfly gear. I’m curious if the kids went home and told their families what I was wearing on Tuesday and Wednesday!? Tuesday was baseball day and being a Cubs fan, I was decked out in my Cubs gear from head to toe (literally, I have Cubs shoes!) Wednesday, I was sporting my IU candy striped pants and IU gear (shoes also! LOL) for basketball day! Some of the kids looked at me and wondered why I was dressed like I was, but I explained that my team I cheer for wear these pants before games! ANYWAYS, we had a fun week…I think the kids enjoy dressing up to the themed days as much as I did!

Some of the activities we did in centers this week included: practicing writing our letter Bb, colored a Bb item page, Color-A-Baseball page by rolling a dice and following directions on what parts to color, completed and worked with ten frames using mega tweezers and baseballs (cotton balls), traced some line patterns in quick kits, completed basketball patterns with different items, put numbers in order 1-24 and then backwards 24-1, worked on matching upper and lowercase letters AND letter sounds with pictures to match and lastly created a retell wheel of the life cycle of a butterfly!

We pushed back Earth Day activities to next week due to the cooler temperatures and not sure if there would be precipitation of some kind, but hopefully that is all over with and we get some nice warm sunshine days ahead!

The books we read this week included: Pete the Cat Play Ball, Maybe a Bear Ate It, The Pigeon Needs a Bath, Mama’s Day at Work-Bunny Business, Pete the Cat and the cool caterpillar, and Flutter Butterfly!

We also have 5 caterpillars that we have been watching grow and are getting pretty plump! I think next week they will begin stage 3 and will be turning into a pupa or chrysalis and we will continue to watch them grow and change from stage to stage! The kids were excited to see how much they have grown in the short time we have had them.

Next week is our last week of the month and our last letter to go over Kk. Once we finish next week, the month of May is reviewing all our months letters, shapes, colors and numbers! We also will start rehearsing and going over our graduation ceremony so the kids will be pros in front of all of you! Crazy to think there is only one month left!

Let me know if you have any questions MrsAimeeABC@gmail.com and have a great weekend! 🙂