And just like that we will be starting our last month together on Monday! I can’t believe we have ONLY 12 more classes together…this year FLEW by for me!

We finished our last letter Qq and did various Qq activities and centers this week. Along with having some things we can’t mention, but things for you guys next week!

Monday: Queen for the day – We started the day with our name practice in QKs. The book I read was The Recess Queen, which the kids enjoyed and we always discuss the books and what the message is. Our centers were modified into all class activities. We made something that will hold all their goodies for you on Wednesday/King & Queen Day, we got some information from the kids (top secret!) and then started our last zoophonics animal, a quail for Q. We only got half way done on this and finished him on Tuesday.

Tuesday: Q-tip painting – The day started with a Qq maze in which the kids colored only the Q’s to get the queen to the quilt. Also when the students came in we were working hard also doing more things for K/Q day! We worked on our Qq writing in our quick kits and also if we had time in our center rotation we had Kk’s on the back side to keep practicing. Our quails got finished and we completed a letter Qq find, I have been emphasizing that when the students count items to go from left to right and top to bottom, like reading. Some just scramble about trying to count and usually repeat items or miss them. We have gotten better, but I have been stressing this method. Lastly, we used Q-tips to dab out our names in purple (our graduation color)! The two books I read today were The Little Butterfly that Could and There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Birthday Cake.

Wednesday: Crafty Quilters – I had students start up with practicing writing their first names neatly and focused on a capital letter ONLY at the beginning. Our centers were the following: matching numbers 1-20 by using the number to the correct number of cubes, completed a color/cut/paste quilt pattern page, Q is for quilt red/blue pattern page, and lastly getting our names written on our name quilts. This is a 2-day center as we finished coloring them on Thursday. The name quilts will you see at graduation.

Thursday: Quacking into May – The students started off their day by coloring the crowns that they get to wear on Wednesday for King/Queen day! They have been working hard on things for you guys and I hope you enjoy them! Things we completed today were finishing our name quilts by coloring them in a pattern (they look great!), finger painting something you will see soon, Q color/count/write page and lastly we did a following directions activity with our Qq item page.

Students were busy this week working hard on their last letter and making some nice things for you parents next week!

May will be REVIEW and we will be starting our end of the year evaluations. There may not be much coming home paper wise, but know that we are doing all we can to get your child prepared for school next year and review all we can in the next 12 days! (Really 11 with King/Queen Day) We are preparing for graduation also and the students will start having practice for that for a few minutes each day starting May 9th.

It is important that you child be at school these last few weeks! As we have lots still happening and going on!

If you have any questions, please email me

Have a great weekend! Maybe we won’t have to wear our winter coats by graduation! We can cross our fingers!!!