Hi Parents,

We had a great week with the letter ‘Qq!’ This was our last letter before we start review all of the letters during the month of May. Here is a snapshot of the week…

On Tuesday our theme was Queens. In centers the kids spun a spinner and filled 10 frames with plastic jewels, they cut and glued jewels on a crown, and they hole punched gold crowns. In the afternoon the kids used magnet wands, wrote on light boards, and cut and glued the word ‘queen’ above a crown. We ended the day by decorating our crowns for Kings and Queens day. The kids are so excited to have you at school on Tuesday!

On Wednesday the theme was counting quarters. In centers the kids completed patterns with magnetic coins, sorted coins, and rubbed quarters with crayons on to the letter Q. In the afternoon the kids rotated through all 4 classrooms for specials learning spanish, sign language, phonics and math. This was our last week of specials! Hopefully you will see a song or two in spanish and sign language at graduation. The kids ended the day by playing a matching game.

On Thursday the theme was quilts. In centers the kids used clothes pins on number wheels, put fruit loops on a quilt and the letter q, and weaved a little quilt square with paper. I know this was a challenge for them! In the afternoon the kids colored, cut and glued the letter Q and made a puzzle out of it. The kids ended the day with art. Each student created a quilt square by cutting and gluing pieces of paper onto a square. They will all be put together to make a classroom quilt. I’ll send a picture when I’m back next week!

Even though I was out Wednesday and Thursday, the kids had a great time with Mrs. Laura. I’ll be back on Tuesday and am looking forward to seeing you all for Kings and Queens day!

Take Care,