Week of April 26th-29th

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Numbers and Letters:

19, and 20

B, K, Q, and Y

Colors this Week:


Shape of the Week:



Tues: K is for Kangaroo

Today we had fun pretending to be kangaroos! It was nice outside so we were able to go outside and play red light green light but they had to pretend to be a kangaroo. Then we colored kangaroos and cut out letter k objects, and finally glued them onto the kangaroos.

Wed: King for the Day

Today we had fun being Kings for the day! We colored letter K crowns and all the objects for letter K, then we traced all the words, and finally cut out our crowns! We had a ton of fun! We finishd our day by making coffee filter Earth’s using coffee filters, water, food coloring, and eye droppers.

Thurs: Kites

Today we had fun making up our Earth Day today! Mrs. Trish read us a story, then she told us all about recycling! We ten got to kick recycling items across the big room and recycle them into bags.  Then we got to play a fun ABC game! The kids wanted to do it again!


Crocodiles Need Kisses Too

Try a Little Kindness

Big Smelly Bear

The Earth Gives More

Don’t Pollute

Miss Fox’s Goes Green


Making Plans           Proverbs     16:3

Always the Same     Malachi  3:6

Don’t Hide It!            Romans 1:16

Everyone had a fantastic week! I can’t wait to see everyone on Tues!

Reminder: We are Reviewing all letters next week.

Homework: look for things that start with letter kk.


Mrs. Nichole

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