Week of April 27-29

Mrs. Amanda’s Classroom

This week we had fun learning about the letter Y with yarn, yoyos,the color yellow and yoga.  We finally got to celebrate Earth Day but the weather still did not cooperate for us.   Our class still had so much fun cleaning up the trash by kicking the recyclables into bags despite the rainy weather.  We also had a great time practicing yoga moves!

We are learning our phone numbers and addresses at school.  If you do not have a home phone listed, I am teaching them mom’s cell phone.  If you wish your child to learn a different one, please let me know.  It is great to work on this at home along with your address.  I have been rewarding them with an extra treasure box for reciting their phone numbers.  Keep up the great work everyone!

We will continue to learn about numbers 19 and 20.

Literacy Activities:

  • Named objects that being with the letter “y” sound and colored them
  • Letter y, k, b, and q sorting puzzle
  • Building the word yellow with letters
  • Reading the book “My Book of Yellow”

Math and Science Activities:

  • Made numbers 11-20 out of yarn
  • Made the letters y and k with pattern blocks
  • Added dice to find a total

Fine Motor and Art Activities:

  • Cutting the letter Y
  • Stringing yarn to make an octogon
  • Used legos to make the letter y in play-doh
  • Traced and wrote the letter Y
  • Filled ice cube trays by using eye droppers with yellow water

Books We Read:

  • No and Yes
  • Why Should We Recylce
  • The Wide Mouth Frog
  • Peppa Pig Loves Yoga

Next Week/Reminders:

Next month will start our review month, so we will be reviewing all of our past letters. It is so hard to believe that we only have 1 month left of school!

We still try to go outside if the weather allows.  Please make sure to send your child with a jacket, the weather does change throughout the day.

I encourage everyone to send in a water bottle.  We do not have a water fountain available because of COVID.

Have a great weekend!

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