This week we worked on our last letter of the alphabet, Kk! We have covered all the letters and are ready for our review of all 26 letters next week. We will cover a few letters each day and also review our numbers, colors, shapes, and nursery rhymes that we have studied all year. Crazy to think we only have one month left, only 12 days to be exact! YIKES!

The books we read this week were: Do Kangaroos Wear Seat Belts Too?, Do Kangaroos have Mothers, too?, K is for kissing a Cool Kangaroo, If Animals Kissed Goodnight, Kite Day-A Bear and Mole Story, and the Berenstain Bears Go Green.

Mrs. Trish also read to the students The Lorax for our delayed Earth Day activities we had on Thursday. After the story the students went into the big room and helped clean up the big room from all the recyclables that were brought in! The students enjoyed kicking and picking up the trash! Even though they may not have taken their items they brought in, we all did good recycling and hopefully they learned a bit about taking care of our planet!

Some of the centers and activities we did this week included: a spring ABC tracing page with lower and uppercase letters, created different animals using tangrams, practiced tracing lots of shapes, completed ten frames with 19 and 20 items, we also did two following directions activities that involved the Kk item coloring page and also a number 20 sheet.

The month of May we will be doing LOTS of review, so there may not be a lot of papers coming home. We will be working in centers, but also reviewing items as a whole class. 100th Day is approaching and you will see it on the May calendar when it goes home on Tuesday, we will also be sending home a note that goes along with 100 day and some fun we will be trying to make for the last month!

If you have any questions, please let me know I hope the weather starts to cooperate so the kids will get to go outside a few times their last month together! Have a great weekend!