We had a great week starting the month of April covering Bb, numbers 19 and 20, and the octagon. We also have been reviewing a rectangle for a while now. That was the most missed shape across the board at ABC at our mid year evaluations. We had some fun days dressing up for baseball and basketball day along with looking snazzy for our graduation pictures on Wednesday. 100th day on Thursday was a hit and I got pictures that will hopefully be put in our graduation slideshow.

Monday: Baseball day – Our day started off with working on our first and last names. I am trying to focus on getting the kids to only use a capital letter when needed. The centers we had today included Bb letter sort/cut/paste, Bb beginning sound coloring page, coloring and cutting out diamonds and I worked on ten frames with the kids and recognizing the numbers without counting each box. By the end the started grasping the concept, which we will continue to work on more the rest of this month and next. The books I read today were two Pete the Cat books- Play Ball! and The Bad Banana. If you were in the arrival or dismissal carpool line you saw my Cubs gear!

Tuesday: Basketball day – The day started with cutting out our pieces for our Zoophonics bear. We completed the bear after big room time before centers. Our centers today were completing different basketball item patterns, practiced writing our Bb’s in QKs, colored a basketball that had a lot of patterns in it (emphasizing coloring inside the lines!), lastly we matched upper and lowercase letters with backboards and basketballs and then matched the jersey with the correct beginning letter sound picture. The book I read today was Ballyhoo Bay. I think the kids in class (and in other classes) enjoyed my IU gear today, complete with the candystripe pants!

Wednesday: Bumble Bees/Graduation pictures – We started with a Bb is for bee coloring page at the beginning of the day. Having pictures scheduled puts a little wrench in the center plans, so we did 3 activities as a whole class, which happens sometimes when we run out of time. We created a Bb flip book by coloring and cutting out the pieces. After constructing it we then flipped through our books to write the 5 “b” words on the lines to match the pictures. The students were able to read the short sentence by looking at the different pictures. We also made cute little bumble bees. *Note* some crafts we do in class I keep for the end of the year graduation board we make. You will get all your child’s artwork back at the end of the year that I have kept. Lastly, I read the book Llama Llama and the Bully Goat.

Thursday: 100th Day!/Beautiful Butterflies – Happy 100th day of school! The students started the day coloring a 100th day picture. We have 100th day crowns and glasses the students got to color along with talking about the butterflies life cycle and showing them an awesome pop-up book I have that is all about butterflies! When the book opens the butterflies look very realistic! Towards the end of the month we will be getting our butterfly kits and watching our own grow each day and seeing all the stages that they go through! Each student that participated in 100th day and brought in something they created or made or wore got to show it off and say what it is. We also shared with the class our Flat Stanley’s now that they have been turned in with all their adventures! Kids always enjoy seeing the pictures and hearing the names that their classmates named their little paper friend. The book I read besides the butterfly book was The Adventures of Beckle An Unimaginary Friend.

Next Monday is YELLOW day, have your child wear yellow clothes to school!

Please send in any donation you have for the Easter Party (which is Wednesday) by Tuesday the 12th please!!!

If you have any questions, please let me know MrsAimeeABC@gmail.com 🙂

Have a great weekend! I hope the weather starts to turn around and we are able to take the kids out and get some fresh air here soon!