Welcome to Mrs. Kelli’s Preschool Class!


This week, we focused on the letter B.  We also had our Easter celebrations!


Books we read:

Don’t Be A Bully, Billy

The Easter Story

Easter Bunny is Missing!



We colored the letter B brown for our alphabet page

We put beads and buttons on letter Bb

We went on a bug hunt in our cute sensory box, using tweezers to pick them up for fine motor practice

We did butterfly fanta boards to match colors to create a picture

We did bear patterning


During our classroom Easter party, we:

ate an “Easter Story” snack mix, in which every ingredient told the story of Easter

used magnetic wands to fetch Easter eggs out of the grass

did silly face egg matching

painted an egg which revealed a cross

played an Easter basket egg toss

went on an egg hunt!


This week, we also got to go outside and play!



We used eye droppers and dropped colored water on coffee filters, which will turn into colorful butterflies!

We got to chase bubbles for letter B!


Until Next Week,


Mrs. Kelli