Hi Parents,

We had a great week! We kicked it off with our Easter party on Tuesday. The kids were able to stretch and measure peeps and then eat them, they had an Easter egg hunt, and also ate jelly beans. I hope they all showed you the maraca they made too! The rest of the week we talked about the letter Qq. Here is a snap shot…

In centers, the kids rolled dice then counted jewels onto 10 frames, they painted the letters of the alphabet with Q-tips, and they put fruit loops on the letter Q and made a quilt with them. They also, hole punched crowns, weaved their own quilt with paper, and stamped the letters Q and E.

In science the kids were given Easter eggs and play dough. I challenged them to stack the eggs as high and wide as they could using the play dough to stick them together. It was a challenge and the kids loved it!

In art we made our quilt squares as a class. I hope you all received the email I sent with the picture of the kids all standing under our completed quilt hanging in our classroom. It was a super fun project!!

Next week we will talk about the letter Bb. Get ready for boot camp on Tuesday and have your child wear camo!

Take Care,