Week of April 6th-8th

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Numbers and Letters:

19, and 20

B, K, Q, and Y

Colors this Week:


Shape of the Week:



Tues: Easter Party!

Today we celebrated Easter with our friends! It was a beautiful day outside so we looked for Easter eggs outside in the grass! It was so much fun! The we decorated our bags before getting treats from Mrs. Nichole. Then we had fun doing a Easter egg toss, decorating a Easter egg, and searching for Easter eggs in play grass! Finally we ended our day by taking our graduation pictures! They were so great!

Wed: Q is for Quilts!

Today we made quilts! We had to follow the directions to color each shape/pattern a different color! This was a fun activity! Then we finished our quilts by cutting them out! We had fun, but then we finished our day by coloring our monthly coloring sheet.

Thurs: Queen for a Day

Today we had fun making crowns! First we cut our our crowns, we did a great job!! Then we colored and decorated them, and finally we assembled them with help. After we made our crowns we went to the big room to have fun with our friends!


Quacky quack-quack!

Easter Mice!

The Easter Story


You Can Help                  Proverbs 3:27

Showers of Blessings    Ezekiel 34:26

Jesus is Alive                  Luke 24:6

Everyone had a fantastic week! I can’t wait to see everyone on Tues!

Reminder: We are learning about letter Y next week!

Homework: look for things that start with letter Qq.


Mrs. Nichole

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